Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been working on some character sketches and playing with some different rendering techniques on photoshop. The character on the left is DeathWatch Bastard and the guy on the right is Johnny Omens. The posters on the wall are partly random and partly advertise some friends and bands that i know, rob bravery is a top drawer musician and supermagic being one that i was in. Peter Attridge is a prolific producer of posters (particularly for the ukraine girls) and I have honoured him in this scene, check out his beef. I've been attempting to create a slightly more organic feel to the colours, I want the comic to have a lived in feel.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yo, this is a design for the don't panic pack competition. There aren't that many in the running this month so i stand a reasonable chance of getting somewhere. your votes would fill me with such joy! end date is the 15/09/08. big love

vote for me please!

I will also be posting a high res version on flickr so you can see the glorious screen tone in all its crisp edged wonder. I've just moved house and BT are screwing around with our broadband. Hence the limited number of posts this month. Bastard BT!