Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Design for the second round of the Ultimate Barista Fighter competition. After the success of the first round, this event seems to be generating some heat.

I based this design on an image I created some time ago for a show my friend Peter Attridge and I put on themed on 'spellcasters'. I toyed with more traditional wheel of fortune motifs but it seemd to lack the high octane vibe of the event. Hence the burning cosmic wheel of chance.



The final artwork for the next Kill It Kid single. The song features a character who killed his girl as a result of her calling out another man's name (presumably at an inopportune moment). Our hero is caught by the law and begs to tell his story before he faces his fate, prison, the chair etc. Its a very good song!
The plaid effect was a very time consuming process involving four separate layers of pattern and eight scans. Worth it though methinks?