Sunday, September 23, 2007


I went to the Exeter cafe the other day to do coffee training with the new staff there. If i'm honest, I rather enjoy the glory of rolling into a place where everybody knows your name and greet you with "are you the king of coffee?" (I am aware that i run the risk of sounding arrogant here but I do make a splendid latte with a beautiful rosette pattern!)The BTP images are all up around the cafe and have been recieving a lot of interest or so i'm told. Being recognised for these drawings, (as much as i take pride in making coffee), is so rewarding that it makes it all worth while. Its a strange feeling and although i will always ultimately be drawing to suit my own whim as an artist, its undoubtedly gratifying to receive compliments for my efforts.

I have spent some time going around the Children's Literature Festival in Bath today and seeing these great winding queues of people prepared to line up and wait for hours just to get a little squiggle and a brief shmoosey conversation with authors and illustrators, its quite inspiring. I imagine that the pride these people must feel for the recognition that they're receiving is great, despite having to tolerate the nutbars and overenthusiasts!

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