Monday, January 28, 2008


This was one of the first drawings that i produced with a brush and ink. I did it about two to three years ago I think, before that it was all rotring pen which I found became lifeless and time consuming. Around this time i was looking at comic artists and desperately trying to figure out how the weight and character of line was achieved. In particular it was the work of Geof Darrow that inspired me and i was convinced that he had to be using technical pens to draw with that kind of detail but my own endeavors with the pen (although at times very successful) just wasn't blowing my skirt up. I think Darrow actually uses a brush (don't quote me) aided by some drugs. No drugs for me (except coffee) but there has been no looking back from brush work. Its quite a revelation to discover a new medium like this but its taken me a couple of years to develop and polish up on, when i started it was painstaking, deliberate and lacking fluidity which you can see here a little (this was me really cutting loose at the time). Now i'm finally getting to the stage where I can draw almost as swiftly as i can think about drawing, leaving me now to concentrate on coming up with ideas!

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