Thursday, March 27, 2008


Poster design for a 'deadly rhythm' club night competition via don't panic. I'm quite an expert on dancing so the drawing came quite easy to me! I'm interested in this idea of a macabre disco where revellers are destined to dance forever in a the swirling, smothering mists of the infernal dance floor. Sometimes it feels like that's what you've been through when the lights come on and the bouncers start herding you through the door like reluctant cattle onto a livestock lorry. I certainly feel like its what I've been through the next morning when I realise I've been writing dance move cheques that my body needs remortgaging to cash! Anyway.. I've always wanted to draw skeletons well and its something that I've been putting some time and research into. I looked into seeing if I could pick up a skull on ebay but then thought better of it, not sure how keen I'd be on the idea when it was sat looking at me all day. Come to think of it, its probably illegal isn't it? selling human remains. You can get prop ones on ebay but for this I had to rely on comics and old 1980s skate graphics!

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