Friday, May 30, 2008


(after Hokusai's "Crow, Sword, & Plum Blossom") I have a love and fascination for crows and their spiritual significance. They are often considered in mythology to have connections to the afterlife, acting as a vehicle for shaman to transcend worlds when they enter a near death trance in a journey for enlightenment. This is one of the reasons that crows are thought of as spiritual guides and messengers. This void they inhabit is free from our perception of time, therefore they sense past, present and future at once. You may be surprised to hear that I'm not a particularly big fan of the Brandon Lee film 'the crow'. I found it a bit angsty!

This image is a retelling of a Hokusai woodblock print. Crows seem to crop up quite a bit in Japanese culture, I don't know much about any Japanese mythology behind this phenomenon but it may be something for me to explore. I love the fantastical themes that Hokusai depicts, I don't know what the story is behind this print but I want to know!

The benefit of a crow as a graphic element is great for striking silhouettes and compositions.

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