Wednesday, January 21, 2009


printed on the gocco printer, this is a postcard design to get your juices flowing. I can't wait for summer. The colours are fluro which doesn't come across on the scan, but believe me, they are bright!

with plenty of ink and allowing for a margin of error, you can pump out about 50 good ones and a few duds. You can probably get more out of it with different designs and more experience but this design is an exclusive limited run of 50!


Ceri Patmore said...

Go go Gocco, go!
I love this print! I've been dreaming of getting a Gocco for a while now...sigh.
Great work by the way!

babycrow said...

thanks! The gocco is a lot of fun. You can pick them up on ebay for not too much, the japanese sellers are the cheapest, just keep your eyes peeled for a bargain..