Friday, May 8, 2009


A rough working of the next Kill It Kid promo, Burst Its Banks.


dancingcrab said...

Is it wrong that this makes me hot? Don't tell Alanna!

Alanna said...

I'd like to make an addendum to the above comment noting that Lucas had imbibed copious amounts of wine and whisky before having such thoughts.

dancingcrab said...

Without meaning anything with regard to your fine depiction of a drowned women, not quite sure where I was going with my previous comment.

I wish to apologise for the most probably negative effect this likely had upon your creative demeanour.

babycrow said...

If you saw this as a drowned woman then that is a bit wrong.
You could say it makes you 'wet' and the people can choose to intemperate your words to suit their impression of you.

The reworked image will indicate a bit of surface water which gives the impression that she can breathe. The drown factor is a concern..

babycrow said...

ps. wine and whiskey? yum!