Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have just passed a chivalry test. An old lady came knocking at about midnight telling me that her bus had terminated early, I have a feeling that she mistook Clapton (hackney) for Clapham (the opposite direction). She also told me that she was diabetic and needed some sugar asap. Despite getting the distinct feeling that she would be hard to get rid of, I invited her in have a sit down and some nosh. After she nailed half a jar of my Gran's jam, a box of my house mate's Nairnes Oatcakes and a very old chocolate muffin, she critically analysed the coffee I made for her and told me all about cardamon. This took her about and hour and forty minutes.
I can tell you now that although I would always extend hospitality to those in need, I secretly hoped that she would turn out to be a powerful witch who wanted to reward me for my kindness with arcane knowledge and magical training..