Sunday, January 24, 2010


Oh yes! Judge Death vinyl model kit bought from a charity auction at KK Outlet just before crimbo. Some crazy fool by the name of Jean Jullien (a very talented and prolific designer/illustrator from France) submitted this to the auction as it was an unwanted gift from his uncle Thierry. He states that he was 10 years old at the time and blinded by the charms of Marvel comics which led him to disregard the dynamic and highly detailed vinyl sculpture and leave it in a pretty much as new condition. I can distinctly remember these boxes on display at the toy shop Beatties and there were painted versions in the cabinet as well. I really wanted one but Unfortunately, my mother was less inclined to furnish me with an undead, screaming Harbinger of death in 1:6 scale as illustrated by Brian Bolland than Uncle Thierry was. Having remained at the gallery for the duration of the show, Judge Death is now finally in my possession! However, what good is Judge Death without Judge Dredd? No good whatsoever is the answer so I hit up ebay and sorted myself out.

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