Saturday, September 26, 2009


I went to the opening for the Graniph Design awards exhibition at KK Outlet a few weeks ago, I got really wet on the way down there on my bike and had a massive black streak of road water up my back. Part of the show involved a drawing competition where you could design a t shirt with felt pens and have the chance to win one of the T's in the exhibition. Throughout the night they were filming and interviewing people to make this video, at the end of the night they approached me and, having made good use of the free booze, I was potentially a little over eager to oblige. They must have gathered at least 20mins of footage from my interview but mercifully, much of it has been cut leaving only my description of one of the designs I produced (the explosion). Somehow during my piece to camera I managed to adopt the pseudonym "Dave Moist" on account of my beleaguered journey down there, a name with has stuck with the people at KK outlet.

You can see a number of my master pieces bellow on this gallery vid. look out for the babycrow email address at the bottom. The design that won me a t shirt was the 'man love' one. My housemate produced the sweat patch beauty!

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