Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have never really been into vintage clothes shopping. The smell of old man, damp, a hundred different homes and lifestyles that are collected together to form a mutant funk of clothes that rarely tickle my picker, is not for me. Books however, yes please. I have a weakness for it. I really don't like the cover art work on the majority of contemporary books, in particular SCI-FI and Fantasy which always seem to be so vanilla. The golden age of cover design for me was when artists seemed to be liberated and free to express whatever the hell they liked in order to illustrate the tome and in most cases appear to be either enduring or attempting to induce some sort of freakish trip.
Brick Lane on a Sunday which is something of a Dickensian affair with suspicious street vendors hawking their wares on the post saturday night street surface, has spawned a number of worthy book purchases. 'Sea Tales of Terror' has one of the finest covers that I have ever seen on a book. It cost me a couple of quid from a popup vintage market down the Truman end of BL. Although the image is sort of comical, there is no doubt that if a 100ft tall 'sea skeleton'(?) reared up from the ocean, it would scare your shit out, so job done (pun).

'Science Fiction Stories' has a slightly more low brow design. Looking at it now I can't decide why I like it. Its sort of crap. But brilliant. There are interior illustrations too which fail to disappoint..

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